2.The Use of Cinema in Raising Awareness on Psychosis


The stigma of mental illness in Egyptian society is one of the most important barriers that prevent a mental patient from seeking specialized medical help 

Unfortunately, the media, especially the cinema, has been the reason for confirming this stigma by presenting both the psychiatric patient and the doctor as material for ridicule and humor.

Accordingly, we, as psychiatrists, have worked to increase community awareness of mental illness in order to break this stigma, using international and national movies that deal with mental illness in a positive way. It started in cooperation with the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria (since 2001)

In 2021, Rakhawy institute for Training and Scientific Research opened its branch in Alexandria, and I had the honor to participate in establishing Cinema Club to enhance work on raising awareness and then breaking the stigma.

Recently, there has been a fruitful cooperation between Rakhawy Institute for Training and Scientific Research and Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria to maintain the work on raising community awareness and targeting new groups such as filmmakers and media workers.