Psychiatry in the Arab Cinema

‘Farah’ (Lebanon, 2022) screening followed by Panel discussion with Co-directors Hassiba Freiha and Kenton Oxley This film event will explore contemporary issues in mental health in Arab society such as stigma, big pharma exploitation, non-pharmacological treatment, and family dynamics. The film’s central character ‘Lina’ (Stephanie Atala) is a medical student struggling with low mood, anxiety, […]

Psychodrama and Photography for Re-building Interpersonal Relations

The techniques used in this workshop developed following the COVID experience, when we realised how social distancing during these years has developed psychological barriers to the spontaneous and respectful encounters, and has affected different aspects of our personalities, creating more loneliness and depression in our society. To help people deal with these barriers and hard […]

Towards an Integrative Helping Perspective of the Entertainment Business

The Entertainment Fund formerly called the Actors Fund of America has over a hundred-year history of serving entertainers in the United States. This is financed by union dues of people in the entertainment business. We will explore a variety of interventions the fund utilises for individuals working in the entertainment industry such as, benefit coordination, […]

Screening “ Farah” Film

The activity is designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions. It is a fun and engaging icebreaker that will get everyone talking and interacting. Connect with one another on the TV we grew up with; refresh our memories on films we love.