Psychodynamics of GriefReflections on Habeeb film by Shady Fouad

Arab cinema has traditionally portrayed older people as frail, dependent subjects often suffering neglect or abuse. In ‘Habib’ we observe a model of successful ageing in the happily married older couple Nadia (Salwa Mohamed Ali) and Habib (Sayed Ragab). In the short span of 22 minutes, writer- director Shady Fouad dissects the determinants of their […]

Storytelling Theater and Mental Illness: (1) A Story of Anxiety

The story telling “A story of Anxiety” is a thought-provoking production that delves into the various forms of anxiety that challenge individuals from all walks of life. Through three stories told by three different story tellers, the play introduces some underlying dynamics of anxiety and its impact on people’s lives.  As the stories unfold, the […]

Fathers and Daughters: Two Animated Short Films

This presentation will be about the use of short films in medical education and will demonstrate their potential for the teaching of psychodynamic concepts relevant to physicians, trainees and medical students.   Knowledge in this area is especially helpful when dealing with dying patients and their families, but also for deepening an understanding of conflicts between […]

Round Table – Writing and Self-discovery

Does art have the ability to save us? Can art provide us with different ways of living where our suffering is lessened or given meaning? Is this about searching for meaning in art/writing, in suffering, in pain? Writing has the ability to give us a chance to communicate with ourselves and the world around us, […]

Writing and Self-discovery

Writing can give us the necessary peace of mind to live our lives. Writing can free us from our fears, whether they relate to the past, present, or future. Writing can give us a mirror to see our faces and rediscover ourselves. We will focus on the narrative component of writing, as narrative gives us […]

Theater-Based Learning How to use theater skills to enhance community mental health

This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of Theatre-Based Learning (TBL), an innovative approach to teaching that uses theater techniques to enhance engagement, retention, and understanding of complex concepts. TBL is an experiential and interactive approach to learning that promotes creativity, communication, and collaboration.  Through interactive activities and group discussions, participants will learn how […]

What can Mental Health Offer to the Drama Industry?

Everyone watches dramas for the purpose of entertainment, and dramas affect people consciously and unconsciously. This impact can be positive, such as enjoying the show, learning, positive change, forming healthy relationships, developing self-awareness, dreaming of a better world, and participating in intimate moments with others. It can also form collective memory and help in developing […]

Social Dreaming Matrix  (1)

‘Social Dreaming’, the practice of sharing, associating to and working with dreams in a matrix in order to identify social trends and social dynamics, was pioneered and developed by Gordon Lawrence and his colleagues at the Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Clinic in the 1980s. The first experiment was launched by Gordon Lawrence and Paddy Daniel. […]