Chairperson: Christoph Fuhrhans (Switzerland)

  1. Boundaries between Psychiatrists and Patients in TV Drama

Khalid Ali (Sudan – UK)

  1. The Use of Cinema in Raising Awareness on Psychosis

Ayman Hamed (Egypt)

  1. A Scientific Study of psychiatry in Egyptian Movies along the Years -A Validated and Reliable Tool

Noha Sabry (Egypt)

  1. Women, Media and Mental Health

Reem Deif (Egypt)


Chairpersons: Roberta Mineo (Italy)

  1. Impact of Media on the Field of Mental Health

Mostafa Samir Shahin (Egypt)

  1. Neuroscience and Roles. Examining how taking on roles affects us

        Greg Crosby (USA)

  1. Global Wellbeing Direction in the Creative Sector

Noha Essam (Egypt)

  1. My Therapist is Robot “Question marks and warnings signs

Mohamed Elwishy (Egypt)

Reading in
Yehia Rakhawy’s Legacy

Chairperson: Refaaat Mahfouz, Maha Wasfi,  (Egypt)


On Death and Life

(The Balcony Documentary)

Bothaina Kamel and

Mohamed Rakhawy (Egypt)