Psychodrama and Photography for Re-building Interpersonal Relations


The techniques used in this workshop developed following the COVID experience, when we realised how social distancing during these years has developed psychological barriers to the spontaneous and respectful encounters, and has affected different aspects of our personalities, creating more loneliness and depression in our society.

To help people deal with these barriers and hard feelings, we started an experiential psychodrama-photography workshop in our country, Italy.

In our workshop in Egypt, we are going to introduce the used techniques, which will be described from the perspective of the psychotherapist. We will clarify how technologies and media arts could be used in a more psychologically oriented way. We will explain how photography permits us to create this kind of experience, and deal with some of the sufferings that make us experience our inner creative resources.In this workshop, participants will work on the encounter through the tool of photography, where the camera represents, from an analytic point of view, the barriers to the encounter. They will have an opportunity to talk about their feelings through psychodrama and dance therapy techniques within a safe space, and may access spontaneously to new and respectful encounters.