When Cinema and Psychoanalysis Met Each Other: Dreams, Unconscious and Imagination 


The workshop aims to offer a space for reflection on the use of cinema in psychotherapy and on the correspondence of cinema as imagery of unconscious themes shared in the therapeutic space and as a therapeutic tool since the dream is like a filmic representation equivalent to an ego training in action.

From what has been said, it is clear that cinema and psychoanalysis are of the same age, as are cinema and the interpretation of dreams. The year of birth is only the first of many aspects that link film production to the sciences of the psyche. The cinema hall, dark and silent, is a suitable environment for creating a dreamlike dimension, as it promotes relaxation and immersion in sleep. Once this state has been reached, both dreams and films make use of an iconic register made up of images with a strong emotional value that follow one another on a screen, be it cinematic or dream screen.

The definition of cinema as a “dream factory” thus acquires a double meaning, it is not only the place where everything is possible, but it also represents an open window on the unconscious as are dreams themselves.

In fact the cinematic iconic symbolism consists above all in the production of visual metaphors with very high space-time displacement and condensation.

During the workshop participants will use and discuss from movies presented some connections and reflections about therapy, unconscious and dreams icons.