Abstract Submission

You are all invited to an unparalleled opportunity to join distinguished Egyptian and international delegates, local and international media experts, academics, practitioners, and third sector organizations/ NGOs and clinicians who will present their work and share their thoughts and experiences. Our diverse program will include film screenings followed by panel discussions with the film makers, interactive sessions with performing artists and an art exhibition. Scientific research relating to mental health, arts and media will be presented in keynote lectures and masterclasses.

Official Language:

English and Arabic.

Submission Guidelines:

  • All abstracts must be original.
  • Abstracts submitted must not be submitted for other conferences.
  • The following abstract categories are welcome:
    • Oral Presentation
    • Workshop
    • Round Table
    • Symposium
    • Poster presentation
  • Please submit your abstract here
  • Deadline for abstract submissions: March 20th, 2023


Abstracts covering any of the following topics are welcome:

  1. The common grounds and controversies that exist between various disciplines of Mental Health, Arts and Media.
  2. The impact of arts and media on the mental health landscape.
  3. The impact of the work environment on artists’ well-being.
  4. Media and Mental Health: Past, Present, and Future.
  5. Media as an educational/ training/ campaigning/ lobbying tool/ approach in Mental Health.
  6. Creative Arts and Mental Health.
  7. Entertainment / Creative Industry and Mental Health.
  8. Psychology/psychiatry education in the service of media and entertainment industry.

“Media and Arts” in the themes above include: 

  • Performance arts: Cinema, TV, Theatre, Dance.
  • Visual arts: Fine Arts and Photography.
  • Print: Literature, Journalism and Advertising.
  • Social Media

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

The abstract should provide a short summary of your presentation. It clarifies to participants the essence of your work and the method used. The abstract must include 3-5 objectives. Each abstract is tailored according to the form of presentation: the abstract of a workshop needs to include a description of the workshop, and the abstract of an oral presentation includes a brief introduction, method, results, and conclusions.

  • A Symposium is a 90-minute event where presenters/experts in a specific area present and discuss a subject of interest/expertise to them. The symposium usually includes an average of 4 presenters, each presents for 15 minutes; the rest of the time (30 minutes) is open for discussion and interaction with the attendees. Unlimited attendance.
  • A Workshop is a 90-minute interactive event where the conductor teaches hands-on skills. Participants are actively involved in activities and discussions that fulfill the workshop’s objectives. The abstract of a workshop needs to include at least 3 objectives.
    Each workshop leader needs to specify the maximum number he can have in his workshop.
  • A Round Table is 90-minute form of meeting where participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Participants are expected to equally participate in the discussion. Conductors of the round table discussions need to specify the maximum number they can have.
  • Oral Presentations are 90-minute sessions where presentations of a related topic are grouped together. Each session will include an average of 4 oral presentations with 10 – 15 minutes allocated to each and 30 minutes to the discussion. The presentation can include research, essay or case presentation that introduces your work to the attendees. It is an opportunity for gaining valuable feedback.
  • A Poster Presentation is a research/scientific information or experiential work presented in the form of a poster that conference participants will view. In poster sessions, a specific time will be allocated for the conference participants to discuss or ask questions.

Only one abstract is to be submitted by a single presenter as a first author. sessions, or some symposia.

Abstract Submission Forms