Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research in collaboration with Medfest Egypt

Debate, Educate
and Upgrade

The First Mental Health, Arts & Media Conference

Cairo, Egypt

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research

5th - 6th - 7th

May 2023

This conference will be presented as an educational and cultural platform bridging the worlds of Mental Health, Arts and Media. It is an invitation for mental health professionals and professionals from the media industry to learn, exchange, link and reflect on technical, human, and professional aspects in the media field


Mona Rakhawy, MD

A professor of Psychiatry at Cairo University, the founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Rakhawi Institute for Training and Research …..

Khaled Ali

A senior lecturer in Geriatrics in Brighton and Sussex Medical School, media and film correspondent for the Medical Humanities Journal in the UK He is the author of …..

Nabil Elkot

Consultant psychiatrist, founder of Shams Psychology Center , writer and actor

Mina El Naggar

Founder & Managing Director of MEDFEST EGYPT. Dr El Naggar is a He is an award-winning filmmaker and an actor ...

Our Guests of honor

Mariam Naoum

Her passion for dramatic screen writing is because she considers it a mirror of society with the ability to express a powerful mixture of emotions

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Bothaina Kamel

Egyptian TV and radio presenter. She appeared in several films and TV series including In the Heliopolis Flat (2007) and Faten Amal Harby (2022).

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Gamal Al Shaaer

An Egyptian media personality and writer, He worked as a broadcaster on Voice of the Arabs Radio and as a TV presenter. He published many

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Nasser Abd Elmoniem

A theater director, He took an interest in theater when he was a university student through participating the street theater. He presented the Egyptian theater

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Kenton Oxley

Having carved a successful career in the television and film industry, Kenton is globally respected for his work. As a Producer and CEO of his

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Amongst a dozen short films, Hassiba produced, wrote and directed her thesis short film entitled Temperance, which follows three characters from various religions in the

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Karima Mansour

Karima Mansour is an internationally renowned performer, choreographer, dancer, actress, singer, and educator based in Cairo. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the

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Mona El Shimy

روائية وقاصةصدر لها خمس روايات، وثلاث مجموعات قصصية، وبضعة قصص وروايات للأطفال واليافعين. كما أنها حازت على العديد من الجوائز المصرية والعربية.تقيم ورشة للتعريف بتقنيات

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Ragai Moussa

روائي أستاذ الاثنوجرافيا بالمدرسة العليا للصحافة- باريسمحاضر لمادة الأدب والسينما- سينما الجزويت- القاهرة

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Karim El Shenawy

Egyptian director born in Cairo on 28 September. He graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication – Cairo University in 2007, after which he traveled

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Mariam Ahmady

Egyptian director who made her directorial debut with the series I Fell in Love (2014), which is adapted from a novel of the same name.

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Mohamed Hesham Obayya

An Egyptian journalist, author and scriptwriter. He has been a professional journalist since 2004 and has worked in several positions, including assistant editor-in-chief of El

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Fr. Mario Boulos sj.

مدير مركز الجزويت الثقافي بالإسكندريةالتحق بـالرهبانية اليسوعية في عام 2007، درس الفلسفة والحضارة العربية في جامعة القديس يوسف ببيروت، وعمل في أثناء دراسته في لبنان مرشدًا

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Samah Anwar

Samah Anwar is an Egyptian actress and director. She studied French at the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University and thereafter earned fame for her

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Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed Kamal is an Egyptian actor and acting coach who was born in 1959. He started working in film during the eighties of last century

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Who Can Attend

  • Professionals in the field of visual (e.g., in cinema; directors,
    photographers), print (e.g., journalists), and audio (e.g.,
    broadcasting, radio) media.
  • Mental health professionals with a special interest in the
    creative industry.
  • Lay members interested in gaining knowledge and experience related to mental health, media, and arts.
  • Students and trainees in the previously mentioned fields.
  • Organizations such as NGOs, academic departments from
    Medical, Media and Arts Universities.


  • Media and Mental Health: Past, Present, and Future (Opening Video).
  • Psychology/psychiatry education in the service of media and entertainment industry.
  • Media as an educational, training and promotional tool in the service of Mental Health.
  • Creative Arts and Mental Health.
  • Entertainment / Creative Industry and Mental Health.