Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research in collaboration with Medfest Egypt

Debate, Educate
and Upgrade

The First Mental Health, Arts & Media Conference

Cairo, Egypt

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research

5th - 6th - 7th

May 2023

This conference will be presented as an educational and cultural platform bridging the worlds of Mental Health, Arts and Media. It is an invitation for mental health professionals and professionals from the media industry to learn, exchange, link and reflect on technical, human, and professional aspects in the media field


Mona Rakhawy, MD

A professor of Psychiatry at Cairo University, the founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Rakhawi Institute for Training and Research …..

Khaled Ali

A senior lecturer in Geriatrics in Brighton and Sussex Medical School, media and film correspondent for the Medical Humanities Journal in the UK He is the author of …..

Nabil Elkot

Psychiatrist with a Master degree on psychiatric and neurological disorder and APHD in medical studies for children, with twenty eight years .....

Mina El Naggar

Dr. El Naggar is a Clinical nutrition specialist, member of the ESPEN society for clinical nutrition. He is an award-winning filmmaker and an actor ...

Who Can Attend

  • Professionals in the field of visual (e.g., in cinema; directors,
    photographers), print (e.g., journalists), and audio (e.g.,
    broadcasting, radio) media.
  • Mental health professionals with a special interest in the
    creative industry.
  • Lay members interested in gaining knowledge and experience related to mental health, media, and arts.
  • Students and trainees in the previously mentioned fields.
  • Organizations such as NGOs, academic departments from
    Medical, Media and Arts Universities.


  • Media and Mental Health: Past, Present, and Future (Opening Video).
  • Psychology/psychiatry education in the service of media and entertainment industry.
  • Media as an educational, training and promotional tool in the service of Mental Health.
  • Creative Arts and Mental Health.
  • Entertainment / Creative Industry and Mental Health.