Safei Eldin Mahmoud

Safei is a highly accomplished film producer from Egypt, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. In 2013, he founded Red Star for Production and Distribution, a production company that produces a diverse range of fiction and documentary films catering to a wide audience. Safei’s unique ability to bridge the gap between art-house and commercial cinema has garnered him considerable recognition as a leading producer in the Egyptian and Arab World film industry.

Before founding Red Star, Safei worked as an executive producer on several feature films directed by Marawan Hamed, including Imarat Yaqubian (The Yaqubian Building), Ibrahim AlAbyad (Ibrahim the White), and Al-Fiil Al-Azraq (The Blue Elephant). He also served as the executive producer of Intizar (Waiting), a Franco-Palestinian production directed by Rashid Meshhewari. Safei’s recent productions include Al Aslyeen 2017 (The Originals), a feature film directed by Marwan Hamed, Nawara 2015, a feature film directed by Hala Khalil, Photocopy 2018, directed by Tamer Ashry, and Dry Hot Summer 2016, a short film directed by Sherif El Bendary.

Safei has a keen interest in participating in international film festivals, and his films have received over 60 international awards, a testament to his exceptional skills as a producer.