PART 2: Story Telling Theater and Mental Illness: (2) Prosperous and Secure relationships By Jesuit Culture Center and Bab El Hekayat, Alexandria (Egypt


The story telling “A story of Anxiety” is a thought-provoking production that delves into the various forms of anxiety that challenge individuals from all walks of life. Through three stories told by three different story tellers, the play introduces some underlying dynamics of anxiety and its impact on people’s lives.

As the stories unfold, the audience is taken on a journey through the characters’ experiences with different forms of anxiety. The story telling allows for a more intimate and personal exploration of anxiety. The audience is drawn into the characters’ stories and experiences and is encouraged to reflect on their perception of the stories presented. The discussion will not only include the different dynamics of the presented stories but will also tackle the role of the storyteller, the director and other members of the team, in shaping the narrative of anxiety. Additionally, the panel will explore topics such as creative processes and the challenges of presenting such a complex and sensitive topic on stage.