Theater-Based Learning How to use theater skills to enhance community mental health


This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of Theatre-Based Learning (TBL), an innovative approach to teaching that uses theater techniques to enhance engagement, retention, and understanding of complex concepts. TBL is an experiential and interactive approach to learning that promotes creativity, communication, and collaboration. 

Through interactive activities and group discussions, participants will learn how to incorporate TBL techniques into their teaching practice. They will explore the use of drama, role-play, improvisation, and other theater techniques to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. 

The workshop will also highlight the benefits of TBL, including increased student engagement, improved retention, and enhanced understanding of complex concepts. Participants will leave the workshop with a toolkit of theater techniques and strategies that they can use to enhance their teaching practice, as well as practical ideas for implementing TBL in a variety of subject areas and educational settings.