Towards an Integrative Helping Perspective of the Entertainment Business


The Entertainment Fund formerly called the Actors Fund of America has over a hundred-year history of serving entertainers in the United States. This is financed by union dues of people in the entertainment business. We will explore a variety of interventions the fund utilises for individuals working in the entertainment industry such as, benefit coordination, health care, individual counselling and group therapy for ADHD, depression and anxiety and life transitions. We will also examine musical consultations, developing a child actors’ program, life career transition programs for people leaving the entertainment career and retirement homes. We will address simple, realistic, and achievable goals on the implementation of some of these ideas into your practice or organisational setting.

The Entertainment Community Fund  of USA and Film and TV Charity of UK offer an array of services to the Entertainment Business. We will examine the statistics of Mental Health and Addiction and the factors affecting these rates in the entertainment field, We will explore Mental Health and Addiction  applications that can be implemented by individual providers and organisations who serve  entertainment community members.