Psychodynamics of GriefReflections on Habeeb film by Shady Fouad

Arab cinema has traditionally portrayed older people as frail, dependent subjects often suffering neglect or abuse. In ‘Habib’ we observe a model of successful ageing in the happily married older couple Nadia (Salwa Mohamed Ali) and Habib (Sayed Ragab). In the short span of 22 minutes, writer- director Shady Fouad dissects the determinants of their […]

Ali Sobhy

An Egyptian actor, who studied acting, contemporary theatrical dance, and singing. He co-founded the street theater troupe Hala from 2001 to 2010. Then, in 2011, he co-founded the troupe Kouta Hamra for modern circus arts and social theater. He starred in the short film Dead Money, which won the Best Short Film Award at the […]

Shady Fouad

An Egyptian writer and director, born on 5/9/1991. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Communications Department in 2013, then joined the Higher Institute of Cinema, Department of Script writing and graduated in 2018. He made his directorial debut with Amid Summer & Winter (2018).

Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed Kamal is an Egyptian actor and acting coach who was born in 1959. He started working in film during the eighties of last century in several important films like A Bitter Day and a Sweet Day, and A Citizen, an Informer and a Thief. He also worked in several successful television series like Laila’s […]

Samah Anwar

Samah Anwar is an Egyptian actress and director. She studied French at the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University and thereafter earned fame for her vivacious roles in Egyptian cinema. Among her best-known film works are Caught Red-Handed, and Mischievous Girl. Samah has also performed on stage and television. Her TV series include Mountain Wolves, […]

PART 2: Story Telling Theater and Mental Illness: (2) Prosperous and Secure relationships By Jesuit Culture Center and Bab El Hekayat, Alexandria (Egypt

The story telling “A story of Anxiety” is a thought-provoking production that delves into the various forms of anxiety that challenge individuals from all walks of life. Through three stories told by three different story tellers, the play introduces some underlying dynamics of anxiety and its impact on people’s lives. As the stories unfold, the […]

PART 1: “The Man of the Citadel” Play

This panel discussion promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking event, featuring two main theater pieces – “The Man of the Citadel” and “Prosperous and Secure Relationships.”  In “The Man of the Citadel,” the audience is taken on a play that was presented celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mohamed Ali Pasha reign in Egypt. Themes […]

On Death and Life (The Balcony Documentary)

The short documentary film, Balcony by media personality Bothayna Kamel, will be featured in this session. The film raises questions and reflections on a sensitive, difficult and triggering topic, which is suicide. The film is part of a conference sponsored by the Rakhawy Foundation, which invites us to rely on the assumptions and opinions of […]

4- My Therapist is Robot “Question marks and warnings signs

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly used in mental healthcare to provide psychological support and identify areas of risk for certain mental health conditions. However, concerns have been raised about the potential misuse of AI, particularly if not designed with psychological aspects in mind. (AI) was being used as a therapeutic factor. It has revolutionized […]

3- Global Wellbeing Direction in the Creative Sector

Session Content: The session will focus on the Global Wellbeing direction in the creative sector. Wellbeing-centered design, considering physical, mental, and emotional effects on buildings users and product consumers. Questioning the role of media in linking mental health with the creative industry and Today’s lifestyle. Ways of promoting awareness of mental health challenges and built […]